Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It’s an option for people who want to avoid the often lengthy and expensive ordeal of filing pleadings, doing formal discovery, holding depositions, attending pre-trials, and trying the case.

Mediation is an effective way of putting you in control of your own case and getting to a resolution. It’s especially good for people with children or business interests who need to interact after the resolution of their case.

As a mediator, I’m a neutral third party who listens to both parties’ positions and helps negotiate a mutual agreement — I don’t make a decision or advocate for either party. Mediation appeals to my belief that everyone deserves fair treatment and equal justice. I bring deep experience and a friendly but firm hand in assisting you in the mediation context. I can help you talk to each other; shrink your oversized expectations; expand your possibilities; work with the nitty-gritty details, and keep your eyes on the prize.

North Carolina courts require everyone who files a lawsuit to mediate custody and property disputes. For custody, the court provides a mediator free of charge. Attendance at an orientation and at least one mediation session are mandatory. For property issues, (the Equitable Distribution), the parties are required to employ a private mediator. Sometimes you may choose to mediate property, custody, and child support issues in the same mediation and this is frequently an efficient way of handling the case.