Legal matters such as divorce, division of assets, alimony, preparing a will or trust, or fighting a probate court battle can be stressful and emotional. A key factor to alleviating this stress is working with a knowledgeable, experienced divorce lawyer who can provide clarity each step of the way and let you know what to expect. If you are in North Carolina and need help in any of these areas, please call my office immediately. We pride ourselves on providing friendly and dedicated legal representation in all family law areas and estate planning matters.

Below are some brief overviews of our practice areas. For more detailed information, click on the title link or call (919) 688-6860 for answers to any questions that you might have.

Family Law

Going through a divorce is a big project! Our mission is to guide you through the complexities and options of your process in a manner that protects your interests and preserves the emotional health of your family. I am a certified AOC mediator with decades of experience in helping couples find an amicable way to resolve issues such as child custody and support, spousal support (alimony), division of property and debts, agreement modifications, visitation agreements, as well as other family law matters such as adoption. I have extensive trial experience as a divorce attorney. My mission is to protect you throughout the process. Call me at (919) 688-6860 or fill out the contact form to the right for a prompt reply. Learn more →

Estate Planning, Wills, and Probate

Protecting your legacy for future generations with an enforceable will or trust is important. A solid estate plan will help your family to avoid the stress and cost of probate court. If you find yourself dealing with the probate process already, I provide aggressive and knowledgeable representation to protect your rights and interests. Contact me at (919) 688-6860 to begin creating a valid and professional estate plan. I can assist you in the creation of simple wills, trusts, and power of attorney. Learn more →

For legal representation in North Carolina, call (919) 688-6860. I am a dedicated mediation lawyer, divorce attorney, and estate planning counselor who will help to protect you and your family.

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