Hourly Rates

  • Legal Work: $275.00
  • Mediation: $225.00
  • Paralegal: $75.00

Hourly fee agreements

At the beginning of my representation, you’ll pay an advance fee based on the type of case and my assessment of the amount of time it may take to resolve it. The advance fee amount will be discussed in your initial consultation and reflected in the fee agreement. This isn’t a flat fee – your actual legal fees and costs may be more or less.

When you send back the signed fee agreement, with a check or the necessary information for a Visa or Mastercard payment for the advance fee amount, we’ll deposit your payment in our trust account. North Carolina’s Rules of Professional Responsibility require that the interest earned on trust accounts of this nature be paid to a state trust fund.

You’ll receive monthly billing statements from us which show, in increments of .10 per hour (or six minutes), the work done on your case and the corresponding amount of funds transferred from your trust balance to Judy Whisnant, Attorney at Law, P.C., as payment. At times you may be requested to replenish your retainer. If you have money in the trust account at the conclusion of your case, we will refund it to you.

Flat fee agreements

In certain cases, I will offer to represent you on a flat fee basis. In these cases, you’ll pay a one-time fee, upfront, and our agreement will reflect that this is the fee regardless of the exact number of hours I spend on your case. There is a provision in the fee agreement that if the case becomes contested, or overly complicated, the fee agreement can be revised.

Note: Neither visiting this website nor sending an email establishes an attorney-client relationship with our firm.

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