Do most of your clients ask you the same questions?

Answer those here. They’ll also have the option to contact you directly, as legal guidance is not one-size-fits-all.

Do clients ask about your hours of operation?

Let potential clients know when you’re available so they can set a reasonable expectation for themselves regarding your response time.

Do you offer free consultations?

If you do, this is a great place to include that! If not, is there something else you offer that could be included here, such as payment plans or flat-rate fees?

Do clients tend to ask about the process of common procedures and/or filings?

We can outline the general process, then inform the user to get in touch with you for further assistance.

How many FAQs are included on the FAQ page?

We recommend ten FAQs minimum, but if you are a general practice firm, you’ll most likely have more. If that’s the case, we recommend a minimum of two questions per service area.

The bottom of this page includes a “call to action” along with your phone number, practice area keywords, and primary location(s) for maximum search engine visibility.

Your website is the face of your firm – with Upsource in your corner, your website will reach the visitors you need and convert them into the clients you want. Referrals, new visitors, and existing clients alike will have a positive experience interacting with your firm online.

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