Taking Your Divorce to Court

Sometimes it is necessary to bring or defend a lawsuit in court. In those cases, if it’s appropriate, we will continue to negotiate in hopes of avoiding further expensive litigation, while also aggressively pursuing our objectives, whether it be to retain possession of the home, safeguard retirement assets, or protect a stream of income. As a litigator with lots of experience, I am a strong and strategic advocate in the courtroom.  In each case, I prepare thoroughly and advocate tenaciously for my clients.

Should I Go to court?

Divorce Lawyer | Durham | Judy Whisnant Attorney At Law, PCDivorcing couples often fare better when working together to find a solution, especially when children are involved. But solving things through collaborative law or mediation isn’t always possible. If you are dealing with someone who tends to use intimidation or bullying, traditional divorce court can be the only option that allows your voice to be heard.  With some people, it’s impossible to talk reasonably and reach an agreement that is in your interests. By working together, we can determine the best course of action.

Durham Divorce Attorney

As a skilled divorce trial lawyer, I can ensure that your needs are understood and help you towards a fresh start. By having a clear idea of what your rights are and rendering objective counsel, we can work to reduce the stress of dealing with an uncommunicative or intimidating spouse. When all other avenues fail, I will take an aggressive and strong stance to protect you and the well-being of your children.

In some cases, a spouse might lack what is known as “good faith” and will make an effort to hide assets or act dishonestly. In these cases it is essential to work with experienced counsel in order to ensure fairness and protect you.

A Dedicated & Experienced Legal Ally

I will make sure that your voice is heard and work diligently to reach an enforceable agreement regarding child support, division of property and debt, spousal support, visitation rights, domestic violence disputes, and all of your needs.

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Judy Whisnant
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